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Business Opportunities


If you want to make money through an additional income but have limited capital to invest, Making Money's Opportunity Finder will point you in the right direction and show you how to make money working from home, out and about or online. Select an area below that interests you and start finding your ideal business opportunity.

Business Opportunities in UK

These encompass a wide range of investment levels and sectors, including health and beauty, homecare and property maintenance, motoring services, and travel and leisure. Low cost business opportunities offered by established companies provide you with the opportunity to start your own proven business, which can be worked around family or other commitments. Some are even free to join.

Online business opportunities allow you to earn significant sums via eBay, by setting up a dropshipping operation or using specialist knowledge to provide information that can be delivered digitally to niche markets.

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Home Based Business Opportunities

Many a small business opportunity can be run from home with minimal investment. Working from where you live keeps overheads low, as the majority of new business opportunities require minimal - if any - stock holding or staff. A computer, internet access and your time are all that’s needed in many cases.

Keeping costs low means that earnings potential can be high. By investing in a business opportunity you can earn anything from a few hundred pounds a month to supplement your current income, to tens of thousands of pounds a year working full-time. Distributors for some companies not only make a profit on the product they sell, they also earn a commission from the amount of product sold by people they’ve recruited into the business.

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