2018 GSK Impact Awards, deadline 22 September 2017 (5pm)

7 July 2017

The GSK Impact Awards are open for applications from charities that can show that they have made a positive difference to community health in the UK. This can include communities of interest as well as geographical communities.

Registered charities that have been in existence for at least 3 years and have an annual income of £80,000 to £2.5 million can apply. The assessment is based on the achievements of the whole organisation which must be focused on community health. Research bodies, advice agencies and groups focusing on broader social welfare work are not eligible to apply.

The awards

  • Up to ten winners will receive £30,000, with one overall winner receiving £40,000
  • Up to ten runners-up will receive £3,000
  • Each winning organisation is offered leadership training and invited to take part in a programme of development activities

What the judges are looking for

"A unique feature of the GSK IMPACT Awards is that they recognise excellence in existing work. We do not seek to fund new projects and we will not shortlist an application which only focuses on a particular project. The assessment is based on the work of the whole organisation and the assessment will focus on excellence in the six areas of IMPACT.

"The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Innovation
    Leadership, creativity and initiative in addressing current challenges in health care access and delivery.
  • Management
    Efficient use of resources; quality of management processes; equality of opportunity; clear objectives and plans; strength and financial effectiveness of the organisation.
  • Partnership
    Working effectively with others (members, users, voluntary, private and public sector partners etc); willingness to share ‘best practice’ and to learn from others. 
  • Achievement
    Measurable results achieved; numbers of people benefitting; impact on access to healthcare; a reflective approach to evaluation of the work; measurement and monitoring of performance, being able to report on outcomes and impact.
  • Community focus
    Involving and responding to users and the community; openness and provision of information; adaptability to changing circumstances and needs.
  • Targeting need
    Awareness of community issues and priorities; having a detailed understanding of the target community; ensuring services are accessible to and focus on people in need.

"Applicants are reminded that all figures and statistics used to support their application should be referenced and dated."


Please read the guidance notes before completing the application form.

The deadline for applications is 22 September 2017 (5pm).


Email gskenquiries@kingsfund.org.uk

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