Cash4Clubs small grants, deadline 26 May 2017 (5pm)

12 April 2017

Grants of £250, £500, £750 and £1,000 are available from Cash4Clubs "for staff and or volunteers to take part in training, gain qualifications and certifications related to your sport."

Who can apply?

"Any sports club that is registered with its sports' National Governing body or local authority can apply. We do not restrict entries to certain sports or certain activities. You might be looking for funding to help with coaching of young kids or you may be after a grant to help buy a new boat or help renovate your current facilities.

"As long as you can show us that you are serious about making your club a better place for your members then you are eligible to apply for funding. In the past we have given money to sports clubs to fund such things as a new female basketball team, or a sailing club wanting to kit out its new Yeoman 20 keelboat.

"No preference is given to types of sport or the age of people involved with the club, but we do look for sports clubs that play an active role in the community."


Please read more information about what grants are available before completing the application form and providing a short video on your organisation and why it deserves the grant.

The deadline for applications is 26 May 2017 (5pm).


Answers to frequently asked questions are available or email

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