Made in Manningham, community business seed funding grants

09 May 2018

News from Carlisle Business Centre:

Do you have a community business idea?

Seed funding grants are available for people in the Manningham area who would like to test trade their community business idea or just need that little bit of extra financial support to get their idea off the ground.

There are twenty awards:

  • 10 awards of £250
  • 5 awards of £500
  • 5 awards of £1000.

You need to:

  • Check whether your idea is eligible as a community business – see Key Features, below
  • Contact Katherine or Rabia, you can get help with your idea and application process
  • Fill out an application form
  • If shortlisted for £500+ you will also do a presentation to the decision making panel.

Deadline for applications:

Tuesday 22 May 2018.

Further details / application forms:

Speak to Katherine or Rabia on 01274 905334 or email Rabia.

Key Features of a Community Business:

  • It is locally rooted, based in a particular place, Manningham, and responds to its needs.
  • It operates for the benefit of the community with broad community impact. Manningham as a whole will benefit, and you can clearly show the positive impact on the community.
  • It is accountable to the local community, you have evidence of regular community influence on your business e.g. local people are involved in the membership structure, have ownership, or you have a broad range of local trustees. Community shares are one of the best ways to make sure your community business is accountable to the local community.
  • It has trading at the heart of its business, for the benefit of the local community. The business has a clear trading model with income from products or services e.g. renting out space in a building, trading as a café or selling produce. This can help release the group from a reliance on grant funding and help create sustainable businesses.