Tender proposals: Families First and Related Early Help Contracts

4 October 2017

Families First and Related Early Help Contracts – Proposals for Upcoming Tender to Allow 1 April 2018 Start.


This briefing note covers the Council’s proposals for Families First Key Worker, PALZ+ and Missing Turnaround contracts.  All existing contracts are due to expire on 31st March 2018 and new arrangements need to be in place from 1st April 2018. 

Current Contract Arrangements

Families First Framework for voluntary sector providers - provide a keyworker service for vulnerable families living in Bradford that meet the national “Troubled Families” criteria. The Troubled Families programme is currently planned to run until March 2020 and by that time Bradford is due to engage and work with 6,070 families.

PALZ+ - 1 to 1 mentoring support to vulnerable 8-13 year olds (previously known as Youth Inclusion Project) with a particular focus on anti social behaviour.  This is prior to the age of Youth Service support and there is typically no other service available just to work with these young people. 

Turnaround Missing - 1 to 1 support to children and young people typically aged 5-16 who have been identified through return interviews as requiring support and no other service is working with them e.g. they are not currently receiving social work support or in the Families First cohort. 


We are currently developing plans for tendering these services in order for new contract arrangements to start from 1st April 2018. We are planning for this to consist of fixed value contracts for a fixed two year period covering Families First key worker delivery and an element of specialised youth support. This is based on Families First funding from DCLG continuing to come into the District up to 2020. It is expected that the new service will be advertised on a locality basis, based initially on existing early help clusters, with separate contracts for each area. It is planned that further information and invitations to tender will be advertised on YORtender in October 2017.  We are also planning a potential bidders event in October. 

New contract arrangements will be designed to: reshape the contract requirements and develop a model to best fit service requirements; allow for opportunity to align other Children’s services differently in line with changes to Early Help delivery anticipated across Bradford; provide opportunities for continued service delivery by the VCS as part of a mixed economy of service delivery and way to access the added value services in VCS providers in their work with families and young people.


Providers who may wish to tender for the new service should ensure they are registered on YORtender.

Further information

Please contact Helen Brogden in Commissioning or Martyn Stenton, Targeted Early Help, for further information.  

[From 'Briefing Note for Young Lives Bradford']

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