Small local companies, national organisations and individuals are all approached for sponsorship funding.

Some things to consider before you ask for sponsorship:

  • Do you have similar values and aims?
  • What can you offer in return (e.g. information, access to services, publicity)?
  • Target your requests and follow up with a polite phone call.
  • If you are a small group, think local first.
  • Sponsorship could be goods or services instead of cash.
  • When you ask for help, focus on the benefit to the person or company you want money or in kind support from.

There are also some sponsorship match funding schemes such as Sportsmatch

Want to find out more?  The BIG Lottery Fund has written a really useful in-depth guide to sponsorship – how to get it and how to make it work for community groups

Only got 5 minutes? Take a look at this 5 minute fundraiser video from the Institute of Fundraising - its a really clear introduction to corporate fundraising (including, but not limited to sponsorship):

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