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ShowHideAspire-i Community Fund

Open to groups that are: UK registered charities, community organisations (with a constitution) and social enterprises.
The funder is "particularly keen to support small organisations" and will fund projects that "change lives for the better through learning and work".

"Organisations should be currently working Bradford metropolitan district or the wider West Yorkshire area."

Further information is available from the Aspire-i website or telephone 01274 829400. 

ShowHideCongregational & General Charitable Trust

What is funded: Buildings ie maintenance work, repairs, extensions, new buildings of Protestant churches only; church community projects seeking funding towards capital costs. Applications must be for one-off costs.
What is not funded: Individuals, ongoing/running costs, salaries, overseas charities
Where funding can be given: UK-wide
Range of grants: Up to £5,000. Agreed grants are not normally paid until the project has started and has the resources promised to enable the work to be completed. Grants are held available for a maximum of two years.
Total funding available per year: Variable. Allocated grants totalling £120,000 in 2008/9
How to apply: Grants are awarded twice a year. The closing dates for applications to be considered are 31st January and 31st July each year. To download an application form visit

Website: http://www.congregationalinsurance.com/pdfs/application_form.pdf and send to David Collett, Secretary to the Trust, Congregational & General Charitable Trust, Currer House, Currer Street, Bradford BD1 5BA

ShowHideEcology Building Society

What is funded: Projects and communities which promote sustainability by reducing man’s impact on the environment eg energy efficiency measures, local events, green buildings, increasing knowledge of environmental issues
What is not funded: Mainstream social engagement activities with no ecological/environmental
Where funding can be given: Throughout the UK
Range of grants: Maximum grant £5,000
Total funding available per year: Sponsorship budget for 2009 is £12,000
How to apply: By letter to Jon Lee, Ecology Building Society, 7 Belton Road, Silsden, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 0EE or Email: jlee@ecology.co.uk

ShowHideGay and Peter Hartley’s Hillards Charitable Trust

What is funded: Aid to the poor, needy or sick in areas formerly served by a Hillards supermarket (including Lion Stores, Park Stores and Jubb Grocers in some areas). Locally managed and accountable registered charities. Church appeals with a definite outreach factor; elderly people (eg luncheon clubs, outings, winter aid and help for disabled people); education of young people;
children’s charities; health-related volunteer schemes, respite care and hospices What is not funded: National charities unless they have autonomy in an area covered by the trust; individuals; university/college fees/mainstream teaching activities; expeditions/overseas travel/holidays; activities with substantial support from local authorities or central government;
animal welfare; wildlife organisations; conserving and protecting plants, geography and scenery; fundraising events or activities; uniformed groups; musical/artistic productions; medical research; most major capital projects; church restoration schemes; loans or business finance; local authority day/health centres; activities run and managed by local authority employees

Where funding can be given: Buttershaw and Idle are within a three-mile radius of former Hillards stores and Ilkley is within a five-mile radius of a former Hillards store.

Range of grants: Maximum grant £1,000

Total funding available per year:

How to apply: By letter to the Secretary of the Trustees, The Gay and Peter Hartley’s Hillards Charitable Trust, 400 Shadwell Lane, Leeds LS17 8AW. The trustees meet in spring each year so applications should be received by the 31st December of the previous year to allow for a visit to be arranged where necessary. Guidelines and an application form can be downloaded from
Website: http://www.hillards-trust.co.uk/5329.html

ShowHideN G Bailey Ltd

What is funded: Registered charities. Energy and sustainability; education (enabling excluded people to develop construction skills or encouraging learning in engineering or science; and particularly where the business might extend or deepen its involvement with local communities).
Support for employees who give their money and especially their time for registered charities.
What is not funded: Individuals and organisations that are not registered charities
Where funding can be given: The company is trying to look at funding in other areas rather than just around the head office.
Range of grants: No maximum or minimum grant
How to apply: Contact the Charitable Giving Committee, NG Bailey Ltd, Denton Hall, Denton,
Ilkley LS29 0HH. Tel (01943) 601933, Email: charitablegiving@ngbailey.co.uk. There are no deadlines.

ShowHideRedcats UK plc

What is funded: Local and national registered charities: preference for those associated with children, poverty, medical/sickness/disability
What is not funded: Individuals, organisations that are not registered charities, goods in kind
Where funding can be given: Preference for a locality such as Bradford district, Leeds area, West Yorkshire. Preferential support for charities local to head office (Bradford) and main warehouse (Wakefield)
Range of grants: £50 – £250
Total funding available per year: £4,000. Donations from January 2008-September 2009 - £4,800
including vouchers plus miscellaneous goods
How to apply: By letter or email to Mary Black, Redcats plc, 2 Holdsworth Street, Bradford BD1 4AH, Email: CommunityAction@Redcats.co.uk No unsolicited telephone calls. Employees of the company also raise monies themselves for a variety of charities by running marathons, baking cakes etc.

ShowHideSovereign Healthcare Charitable Trust

What is funded: Health-related charitable organisations, generally medically orientated
What is not funded: The trust tends not to fund salaries
Where funding can be given: Usually in Bradford district and West Yorkshire unless the applicant is a national charity
Range of grants: Minimum grant £100. Larger grants of £10,000-£25,000 and more tend to be given to national charities. The trust has invested heavily in Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Bradford Royal Infirmary lecture theatre.
Total funding available per year: £250,000
How to apply: By letter to The Trustees of the Charitable Trust, Sovereign Healthcare Charitable Trust, Royal Standard House, 26 Manningham Lane, Bradford BD1 3DN. Applicants should provide a copy of their accounts and give a description of what the money is needed for and what the organisation will do in future. The trustees meet every two months. For more information visit
Website: http://www.sovereignhealthcare.co.uk/about-us/charitable-trust/

ShowHideYorkshire & Clydesdale Bank Foundation

A new annual "Spirit of the Community Awards" was launched in 2013 (replacing the previous donations programme that ended December 2012).

The awards will support projects that advance financial education, improve employability and promote environmental protection or improvement.

The deadline for the 2013 awards is 31 March.

Registered charities and community organisations and constituted voluntary groups can be funded. The funder will require evidence of not-for-profit status. The awards scheme is open to projects benefitting communities in the areas of England and Scotland where the Bank operates.
Awards will be considered for projects in one of the following three categories:

  • "Education - This category will focus on initiatives that advance financial education including initiatives that promote accessibility to both financial education and financial services;
  • Employability - This category will focus on initiatives that build on and develop skills in individuals to equip them for the workplace and help them become ready for work;
  • Environment – This category will focus on projects seeking to protect or improve the environment.

England - In each category, one project will receive an award of £10,000 and three projects will receive £5,000."

ShowHideYorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation

What is funded: Supporting anyone who is vulnerable (particularly the elderly, children or those with special needs) or people suffering hardship. Examples include help for people who are sick, have learning difficulties or are physically disabled; services used by sectors of the community e.g. community centres, specially adapted buses and other vehicles; resettlement and rehabilitation of
offenders and drug abusers; welfare of sick and neglected animals and the prevention of cruelty to animals; relief for victims of natural and civil disasters in the UK. It helps with specific tangible items rather than donating to general funds or expenses.

What is not funded: Examples include activity which is not carried out by a registered charity or which does not otherwise count as being a good cause; causes serving only a specific sector of the community selected on the basis of ethnic, racial or religious grounds; ongoing funding of national charities; administration costs; research; general expenses including salaries; overseas travel,
expeditions and educational expenses; religious and political activities; sponsorship of individuals and events.

Where funding can be given: Throughout the UK

Range of grants: Maximum grant £2,000 although the emphasis is on smaller donations.

Total funding available per year: "In 2011, over £450,000 was donated to around 2,000 good causes."

How to apply: Applications are usually made following a recommendation from a member of the society or through the society’s branches or head office departments. Contact the branch closest to you, which will be able to help with an initial assessment of your application. If there isn’t a branch near you, details can be sent direct to head office for consideration.

Application forms can be downloaded from http://www.ybs.co.uk/your-society/charity/charitable-foundation/apply.html Enclose an itemised breakdown of costs, together with copies of invoices/quotes and send the form to The Charitable Foundation Team, Yorkshire Building Society, Yorkshire House, Yorkshire Drive, Bradford BD5 8LJ. There are no deadlines.  http://www.ybs.co.uk/cf/foundation.html

ShowHideYorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water’s community programme focuses on employee volunteering.  The company no longer has a donations or sponsorships fund.

For more information visit http://www.yorkshirewater.com/about-us/giving-something-back/volunteering.aspx or contact Anne Reed, Community Affairs Manager, Yorkshire Water Services Ltd, Western House, Halifax Road, Bradford BD6 2LZ. Tel 01274 692515, email anne.reed@yorkshirewater.co.uk