Frequently asked questions about bfunded

Is bfunded an organisation?

No, bfunded is a partnership - a group of different organisations working together to run a funding information service for groups in Bradford district.

Can my group get funding from bfunded?

No, we do not have any funding to give grants.

The bfunded website is here to help you find funding from local and national funders by improving your fundraising skills.

What about funding advice?

Voluntary organisation support officers based at Community Action Bradford & District provide funding advice to community organisations in Bradford district, focusing on getting smaller community groups ready for funding.

Advice for development workers who are giving funding advice to community groups is available.

Who updates the bfunded website?

bfunded partner Community Action Bradford & District updates and all bfunded partner organisations assist by sharing information - we work together to make sure that the website is as useful as possible to groups in Bradford district.

Can I reuse information on the bfunded website?

Before copying information on the bfunded website (for example for newsletters or other publications) please contact Community Action Bradford & District, email or telephone 01535 612500.

If you copy information on the site, you must acknowledge the source (a link to the specific page on bfunded or the bfunded logo for example). Read more about our terms and conditions.

For consistency, please use "bfunded" rather than "BFunded" "B-Funded" or other variations of our name.

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