Full Cost Recovery, 7 June 2018

7 June 2018

This course is suitable for anyone who is involved in the financial calculation of funding bids and budgets. It will be a practical session looking at some real life examples and we'll use a fictional organisation to work through the full cost recovery calculations.

Course content

  • How to calculate the full cost of your organisations projects
  • How to allocate overhead costs and on what basis
  • How to assess whether your funding covers these costs
  • How to calculate unit costs (where applicable)
  • How to calculate what price you should charge for services
  • How to implement full cost recovery in your organisation
  • Some of the pitfalls to avoid

At the end of the session you will understand:

  • Direct and overhead costs
  • What projects/services your organisation is responsible for
  • Allocation of costs to various projects/services


Please register online and read the cancellation policy.


Email training@cabad.org.uk

Event details

Venue: Manningham Mills, The Silk Warehouse, Lilycroft Road, Bradford BD9 5BD
Cost: Voluntary/community organisations from Bradford District (registered on DIVA Bradford) £70. Other voluntary/community organisations £90. Statutory/private/individuals £160.
Time: 10am to 4pm