Call for applications to deliver Peer Support Project for WYH HCP

1 October 2018

Details from West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership (WYH HCP):


"Traditionally peer support has firmly been in the domain of voluntary and community services and has often operated quite separately from statutory mental health provision. The exception to this has been the more traditional ‘service user development workers’ who deliver specific roles within statutory services. The move to incorporate peer support as a core part of the mental health work force – and valued as such - however, is a more recent development."

"This project is driven by 3 key factors:

  • There are widely recognised national and local challenges linked to the recruitment and retention of the mental health work force.
  • We operate in a challenging economy with a need for organisations (and the wider health and care system) to continue to innovate in order to do more and differently for less.
  • There is a growing recognition nationally and locally that there is huge value that can be added when support is delivered by people with lived expertise of mental health problems and recovery."

"There is a range of innovative work being undertaken across the Health and Care Partnership but there is not yet a collective vision in terms of the role of peer support within the mental health work force."

Project details

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership seeks applications from organisations "grounded in the voluntary and community sector" to carry out a scoping and engagement exercise which would:

  • More fully identify current activity across the partnership including gathering data/feedback in terms of current impact.
  • Identify local and national examples of best practice in peer support.
  • Engage with a range of stakeholders within statutory services to better understand the opportunities as well as potential barriers.
  • Identify and engage senior peer support champions across the Trusts.
  • Train peer support champions.
  • Collate feedback and data from across the sites.
  • Develop a collective vision for peer support across the partnership, with business case, and make recommendations on actions to take forward. 


Please read the call for applications for more details, and to find out how to apply. One grant of £72,320 will be made to carry out this project.

The deadline for applications is 16 November 2018 (5pm). 



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