PayPal Giving Fund for registered charities

1 August 2018

"PayPal Giving Fund is a registered charity (No.1110538) that raises new funds for other charities through technology. Harnessing PayPal’s assets, we are working to create a network of donors, businesses & charities so all can participate in helping charities raise new, unrestricted funds.

"It’s free to enrol with PayPal Giving Fund. Once enrolled, your charity can reach new donors, will appear on the PayPal website and app, eBay for Charity as well as Humble Bundle."

Charities that enrol appear on the fundraising hub. There are three charities in Bradford district currently listed on the hub - take a look at their fundraising pages:


You will need to be a registered charity with a PayPal Business Account to enrol. Video help: How to sign up to PayPal as a charity (subtitles available).

Please read the guidance notes.


Answers to frequently asked questions are available or contact the PayPal Giving Fund.

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