Said Foundation, Amal grants programme

8 October 2018

The Amal grants programme supports a wide variety of high-quality arts and cultural activities that aim to further the Said Foundation's dual objectives of "increasing understanding of Britain’s Muslim communities among people of other faiths and none" and "fostering a stronger sense of belonging in the UK among its Muslim communities".

Charities, voluntary and community groups and Community Interest Companies can apply for funding for project costs. Capital and building costs are not eligible for funding.

The Amal programme will award grants of up to a maximum of:

  • £25,000 for funding in a single year.
  • £40,000 for funding spread over two years.
  • £50,000 for funding spread over three years.

Essential criteria

"Applications for grants must demonstrate that the proposed project is for a high quality arts and cultural activity and would fulfil all of the following criteria:

  1. Meet one or both of Amal’s objectives and abide by the spirit of our values.
  2. Take place in London, Birmingham and/or Bradford or in multiple locations around the UK.
  3. Engage audiences and/or participants that are significant in terms of numbers and/or profile.
  4. Include a participatory and personal element to enhance the experience of “encounter” between and among artists, audiences and/or participants (such as question and answer sessions or workshops)."


Please read the guidance notes before completing the application form. This is stage one of a two-stage process.

There are no deadlines for this funder - apply at any time. The funder will respond within four weeks of your stage one application.


Telephone 020 7593 5427 or email

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