Finding funding

Before searching for funding you will find it useful to discuss with other members of your group:

  • What are you looking for funding for? Overheads or core costs are the costs that you always need to keep your group going e.g. rent, heat, light. Project costs are the costs that you only need for a particular project e.g. sessional workers, room hire or equipment. Capital costs are expensive items of equipment, refurbishment, vehicles or buildings.
  • How much funding do you want (and what's the minimum that you need)?

Think ahead - when do you need funding? 

The following is a rough guide to help you - all funders take different amounts of time to make a decision. 

Small grants (up to £10,000) - apply at least 3 months before you need the funding.

Medium/ large grants (£10,001 and over) - apply at least 6 months (preferably 9 months) before you need the funding.

Remember, your grant funding bid might not be successful (most funders have a success rate of less than 50%) or your DIY fundraising might not raise the full amount. Try and have a plan B.

Need help with getting your community group ready for funding?

Find out what help is available from your local office of Community Action.

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