Fundraising events can be a great way to raise money for your group. They have other benefits as well:

  • raising awareness of your group and the issues you are addressing
  • reaching new people
  • providing a valuable and rewarding role for volunteers
  • providing a high-profile opportunity to publicise current sponsors or to look for additional sponsorship

…they can also be great fun!

What could we do?

Fundraising events include everything from TV bonanzas such as Comic Relief to jumble sales and benefit discos. Here’s some more examples of popular fundraising events:

  • sponsored walks, runs, swims, etc
  • fun days and fayres
  • concerts, dances and discos
  • coffee mornings and charity dinners
  • competitions and contests
  • bring and buy, jumble and car boot sales

Keeping it legal

Legal requirements will depend on your activity, and the law often makes special accommodation for charitable activities. If you are in doubt about the legal requirements of your activity, seek expert advice. In particular, think about:

Did you know? The release of balloons or sky lanterns requires the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority!

Planning your event

The success of your event will be dependent on planning. There are several good resources available to help you plan effectively.

Institute of Fundraising guide to event fundraising

Advice on event safety is available from the Health and Safety Executive.

When planning your event, pay attention to:

  • the resources needed
  • keeping it realistic and manageable
  • agreeing clear aims
  • will people respond?
  • how many people?
  • where and when will it happen?
  • what are the risks – what about the weather?
  • how much will it cost?

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