Payroll giving

There are schemes to encourage employees to give to a charity straight from their wages (before tax is deducted) – this is known as payroll giving.

Payroll giving offers charities a regular and tax-efficient source of income, but it does require employers to get the scheme set up in their workplace, and this is something that employees or charities who want the scheme may have to encourage and support them with.

Some tips on payroll giving:

  • before starting on a payroll giving scheme, get professional advice
  • research companies that may be interested in supporting your group
  • weigh up what you will get for your efforts – is this the right solution for you?
  • consider collaborating with other organisations and setting up a joint scheme – this could make things easier for everyone.
  • prepare a short presentation to give to the employer which explains the process and the rewards it may bring them – focus on what it will do for them
  • prepare another presentation and marketing for employees to explain how the scheme works and how their donations will make a difference
  • make sure donors get a ‘thank you’ and updates on your work

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