Good grant applications

Imagine you are a funder… You have received hundreds of applications.

Many seem far too long.  

Some are so vague or complicated that it is difficult to understand what the group wants the money for and you have to read them two or three times.

Then you come across an application which is different – it is clearly written and well presented. You can find the information you want because it is organised well. Despite being detailed, it is easy to read and you only need to read it once to make a decision…

Your letter or application form is often your one chance to convince a funder to support you – help them to say ‘yes!’

Find out why presentation is important and how to make sure the funder understands what you want the money for – describe your project clearly

Not sure how to write down your groups aims and objectives?

Remember that budgets are limited so you need to prove the need for your project.   

Your application is in competition with other groups so explain your selling points

Show that the project is likely to be a success by explaining how you know there is a demand for your project.

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