Describe your project clearly

Describing your activity might sound an obvious thing to do, but funders often complain that they can’t understand what a group is trying to do.

Whether you are writing a letter, completing an application form or making a presentation, you need to clearly explain what you want funding for.

Here are some things to include in your description:

  • The aims and objectives of this project.
  • The problem or the need you are trying to address?
  • Any particular issues (political, social, economic, etc) which make this need more acute.
  • Where and when will the project take place.
  • How long will it take to complete.
  • Your methods for delivering the project.
  • What difference the project will make.
  • Who will benefit – a description or profile of the participants.
  • What makes your group and activity worth funding (selling points).
  • Why your activity meets the funder’s aims and priorities.

The funder should also feel reassured that your activity:

  • Makes sense and is fundable.
  • Is likely to be successful and will make a difference.

Your goal is to help the funder visualise what you want to do, so be specific.

Never say "sports activity" when you could say "indoor five-a-side football"!

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