Selling points

There will be a number of things about your group that make it better at what it does than other organisations. These are your ‘selling points’.

It’s worth spending time identifying selling points and using them in funding bids, fundraising appeals and marketing.

Thinking about what the group is good at can be a rewarding exercise for staff, volunteers and participants.

What are your selling points?

Often the things that you just take for granted are the most impressive and important to a funder.

For example, you may open during the evening because that is what local people need. To many funders, that kind of practical response is what makes your group worth supporting.

Can you identify your own selling points around these themes?


  • The only service in the area
  • Closeness to users and /or local community

How you work

  • Involvement of service users / user led
  • Involvement of volunteers
  • New or unique approaches and innovation
  • Independent of other agencies (but supported by them)
  • Actively seeking to provide access for all (equal opportunities)

Expertise, experience and track record

  • Value for money / added value
  • Partnership working and links
  • Local knowledge
  • Range of services
  • Meeting unmet needs and flexibility
  • Supported by the local community

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