Trusts and foundations

Charitable trusts and foundations are registered charities that offer funding to a wide range of causes. Trusts and foundations in the UK provide over £2.5billion in grants each year.

Many charitable trusts and foundations are small and only offer limited amounts of funding to a small number of groups each year. However, some are very large, offering millions of pounds each year to good causes in the UK and overseas.

Some well known trusts include Comic Relief, BBC Children in Need and Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Who can apply?

Each charitable trust or foundation has its own set of rules (guidance) on who can apply. Some will only fund registered charities while others will fund a wide range of organisations or individuals. Read the guidance carefully.

Finding the right charitable trust 

There are around 8,000 different trusts and foundations registered in the UK, and finding suitable ones to apply to involves some basic research. Your search for funding will be quicker and easier if you have first planned your project because you will know how much funding you need, when and how the project will help.

How to apply

Most trust funders ask for a formal written application. 

Some provide application forms and others ask for a letter instead.

Find out how to make a good grant application.

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