In-kind fundraising

In-kind funding is all the volunteer time, services and goods that your group gets for free or at a reduced rate.   

At the bfunded conference “What next for fundraising?” Sara Atkinson, CEO of Haworth Cat Rescue (now called Yorkshire Cat Rescue) explained how important this kind of fundraising is for their group – they call it “fundsaving”.

Funders are increasingly looking for value for money and grant funding is becoming more and more hard to find.

So before rushing to fill in an application form, it’s worth shopping around to see just how much you can get for free or at low cost. 

Here are some ways of saving money for your group with in kind funding. 

Save money on furniture, IT (including websites & software), professional advice (constitutions to surveyors), refurbishment (paint, materials etc), training and finally... transport.

If there are services in Bradford district that we’ve missed please email Sarah Moss. Services run by, or specifically for voluntary and community groups will be prioritised.

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