When more than one bid is successful - for the same project

Sometimes groups apply for the same thing to two or more funders, just in case! If you do this, and find you are successful with more than one funder then you could ask yourself:

  • Do you have the time and financial skills to manage the extra funding, including monitoring commitments?
  • Will the extra funding really benefit the project?

If you would like to keep all or some of the extra funding, then contact one of the funders to ask:

  • Can you use the extra funding to expand the same project?
  • Can you use the extra funding for a different project?

Don’t be surprised if it is not possible to use the funding for something else and don’t be tempted to accept both offers of funding and just see what happens – double funding a project is viewed as serious financial mismanagement and possibly even fraud. It can damage the track record and reputation of your organisation that will affect future funding.