10-minute marketing jobs

Yes the big stuff is important too (strategy, research, planning, evaluation) but…

Small, quick and easy tasks can really help promote your group and make it look;

  • more professional,
  • more capable and 
  • more reliable.


Consistency and clarity saves time, helps to overcome confusion and reassures customers that the service they’re using (or thinking of using) has thought about their needs.

So if you think these marketing jobs are a good idea, please remember that everyone needs to be involved or be informed.


Everyone needs to take part for marketing to make a difference.

Who’s everyone?

  • You
  • Management committee
  • Paid staff, sessional workers and consultants
  • Volunteers
  • Grant funders and sponsors


What can we really do to make a difference?

  • Use the same information and key messages (even the same words!) across all your communication methods, email, answer phone messages, in person, website/s, logos, social media (and more…)
  • Anticipate what customers may need by remembering what they’ve asked for before and noticing when people get confused or don’t do what you want them to!

Taking action

No. 1 - decide on a group name and stick to it

No. 2 - check your DIVA entry

No. 3 - give up the acronyms

No. 4 - sort out your email footer

No. 5 - use spell check

No. 6 - get the hang of PDFs

No. 7 - don't email an attachment on its own! (it looks like junk mail)

Getting the website you want is a workshop presentation by Sarah Moss, Voluntary Organisation Support Officer, © Community Action Bradford & District. 

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