No. 1 – decide on a group name and stick to it

  • How many different names do you have for your group?
  • Do people confuse you with another group?
  • What about groups that you work with? Do you get groups mixed up?
  • What if you were a vulnerable service user?
  • What if you were a funder?
  • Do partner organisations know what your group would like to be called?

Taking action

1. List all the different names for your group - official and unofficial!
2. What is on your constitution or what is the registered charity or company name?
3. Pick one name and start checking (and changing) all your publicity materials.*
4. All done?  Project, event and service names are next!

*By the way it’s ok to use other names if you’re explaining that your group is sometimes known as… or is registered as…

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