No. 4 – Sort out your email footer

  • How do you feel when you get an email with no footer? Do you notice?
  • What impression does it give of that person or the group? Do you doubt their credibility?
  • What if you were a vulnerable service user?
  • What if you were a funder?

Registered Charity? You must include your registered charity number.

Taking action – how to change your email footer:

Outlook – Go to Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures. Remember to click OK to save your changes.

Gmail - Click the gear icon   (upper right), then Settings. Enter signature text in box at the bottom of the page (next to the Signature option). Click Save Changes.

Yahoo - Click the gear icon (upper-right corner of the Mail page) and select Settings. From the list on the left, click writing email. Tick the box next to "Append a signature to the emails you send" then add text in the box below. Click Save.

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