Getting the website you want session 2

  1. Get your text ready
  2. Get your pictures ready
  3. Sign up for a free website account
  4. Add your first page
  5. Accessibility
  6. Write a plan for your website

What's on your home page?

Do you read every word on a website page or do you skim read?

Most visitors to your website will skim read the text - that is, they will scan the page, looking for words that seem relevant.

Some visitors may be using technology such as screen readers to help them use your website.

In either case, short sentences that are easy to understand are best.

Read "Don't make me think!" by Steve Krug if you're not convinced.

Keep your home page (or index page) short - you can always add to it later.

Getting the website you want is a workshop presentation by Sarah Moss, Voluntary Organisation Support Officer, © Community Action Bradford & District. 

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