Get your text ready

Have you written your text? Do you want to cut and paste it into your website's content management system?  You just have one final thing to do...

Clean the code!

Why? Have you ever copied and pasted from an email into Word and found that the font, text size, colour or alignment suddenly look different?

When this happens, it is because you have copied and pasted code (that you can't see) along with the text that you can see.  The code is there to make the computer programme work but different programmes use different code so they can get mixed up.

Your website uses HTML code.  You won't see any of this in your content management system's visual mode but it is there, making the website work. Code from other programmes e.g. Word can make a mess of your HTML code (and therefore your website).

You need to remove code using Notepad before you paste your text into your website. Go to Start, All programmes, Accessories, Notepad and follow these instructions:

  1. Paste your text into Notepad
  2. Copy your text from Notepad
  3. Paste your text into your website editor

Finally, add in your text formatting (bold, bullet points, headings etc).

And you're done!

Getting the website you want is a workshop presentation by Sarah Moss, Voluntary Organisation Support Officer, © Community Action Bradford & District. 

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