Write a plan for your website

If your website will have lots of pages, then it's worth making a plan.

This can be drawn out on a piece of paper.

If you're working in a group together, you might like to write each page name on a post-it note.

Pile of post-it notes not yet sorted into menus

Group the notes together, moving the pages around until you've created menus that are easy to understand.

Parent pages are your main pages and are listed on the main menu.

Child pages are subpages and are listed on the sub menu.

You need to choose which parent page they belong to.

Top tip - Take photos if you can't decide what menu works best. Then show the pictures to service users or other people that you want to be able to find information on your site.  Which menu would they find easiest to use?

Example menu made out of post-it notes 

Getting the website you want is a workshop presentation by Sarah Moss, Voluntary Organisation Support Officer, © Community Action Bradford & District.


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