What’s your best option?

There are loads (and loads!) of different free options for building a website – this might help you narrow them down a bit!


Do you want to be able to update the site yourself?

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes – we’d like to include updates from Twitter & Facebook too.

How often do you think you’ll need to update the site?

  1. Every year
  2. Every month
  3. Every week

What will the site contain?

  1. We just need people to be able to find our group on Google – what we do & contact details.
  2. We want information about our services, text, pictures.  We’d also like to be able to add video and sound.
  3. We want information about our services, text, pictures and links to social media.

How much choice do you want over the design?

  1. One standard template that looks professional would be good.  We can add pictures instead of spending time and effort on the page design.
  2. We’re particular about our brand and need to make lots of choices about font style, colour and page layout.
  3. A template is ok but we would like to make some changes.


Mainly a. Consider using DIVA Bradford (the easiest option!) Join other groups, get great results in Google and you don’t even have to build a website, just a page. Of course you can also join DIVA or update your group’s page and have your own website.

Mainly b. Consider using BT Community website builder or Google sites.

Mainly c. Consider using the free, hosted version of Wordpress.com (it includes very easy ways to embed updates from social media accounts e.g. Twitter or Facebook) or Weebly.com (you can build a blog with it too).

Free website building systems

Free system Who can use it? Can I update it myself?
Wordpress.com Anyone Yes
Google sites
Anyone Yes
BT Community Website builder
Charities and community groups Yes
DIVA Bradford
Charities and community groups in Bradford district Yes but DIVA admin can also edit it for you - email diva@cabad.org.uk
Weebly.com Anyone Yes

If you’re just getting started and not sure what to do, get information about your group online by joining DIVA Bradford - you can always build your own website later on.

(In my opinion!) The best for social media links and frequent updates from more than one person (including different levels of admin access) is Wordpress.com and Weebly.com is the easiest to use.

Are looks important to you? All the options include templates to choose from that you can (to one extent or another) customise.

DIVA Bradford and BT Community website builder have the least design options. Wordpress and Weebly are in the middle, Google sites are very customisable and can include apps including a calendar but you need to make a lot of decisions yourself.  Wordpress and Weebly templates can look very professional without much work from you!

Getting the website you want is a workshop presentation by Sarah Moss, Voluntary Organisation Support Officer, © Community Action Bradford & District.


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