Marketing strategy checklist

A marketing strategy is an overall plan to achieve your group’s marketing aims, for example more publicity for your group, more users or increased services in new areas.  

Here's a quick look at what developing a marketing strategy or plan involves:


  • Have a goal in mind, a reason for writing the plan as well as a deadline for getting it finished.
  • Make sure time allocated for research, networking, writing and approving the plan.
  • Get everyone involved in the research. For example, committee, staff, volunteer and service user input.

Content of final document

  • Brief mission statement or aims and objectives of the strategy.
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis.
  • Objectives (specific to marketing).
  • Market analysis. For example, who are you aiming your service at and what do they want? Who is the competition and what are their strengths and weaknesses? Include an analysis of the Political, Environmental, Social and Technological (PEST) issues likely to affect the plan. 
  • Recommended marketing actions.
  • Timetable and people responsible.
  • Budget.

“You can strategically plan until the cows come home, but making it a reality is what really matters.”
Lisa Shrevel, Sustainable Development Manager at bassac.

So with this in mind also check your plan for:


  • Is it decisive and clear?
  • Is it focused on actions?
  • Is it easy to read and to follow?


  • Any claims made in the plan need to be backed up by evidence e.g. user statistics, feedback, waiting lists, commission offers or opportunities to apply for funding.
  • Planned actions should be realistic in terms of the timescale and budget and relate clearly to the SWOT and PEST analyses.


  • Set a date for reviewing progress (and a key person to lead on the review).
  • Agree at least one way of measuring the success of the plan.
  • Secure a formal commitment from the board/ management committee e.g. adoption of the plan and an acknowledgment of the need for time/ resources to implement it.

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