Preparing a fundraising plan

A fundraising plan aims to pull together all the information you need to fundraise effectively. This includes:

Your fundraising aims and priorities

  • what are you trying to achieve?
  • which activities are the most important to get funded?

What the funder needs to know

  • clear aims and objectives of the group and its projects
  • the group’s history and track record
  • project summaries, including timescales
  • a profile of the people who benefit from the activity, including how many
  • evidence of need and demand
  • resources needed, including space and people
  • a clear, researched budget
  • what the project will achieve (sometimes called "outcomes")

Fundraising tasks

  • research funders
  • agree a timescale for your fundraising
  • allocate different tasks to different people
  • monitor and review your fundraising tasks

A fundraising plan isn’t the same thing as a business plan, but might become a part of one. Most fundraising plans are more like “work in progress” – a succession of meetings to agree and review tasks and gather together information. Find out who should be involved.

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