Who should be involved

Successful groups bring a small group of relevant people together to look for funding and to complete funding applications together - sometimes called a funding subgroup. Members of the group access training when relevant to develop their fundraising skills.

Fundraising needs to involve people at every level in the organisation.

Your management committee (they may be called your directors or trustees) are responsible for everything that your group does. They need to agree to any funding applications and will hopefully take an active role in the fundraising process.

It is important that your management committee understands their roles and responsibilities regarding applying for and accepting funding, and has the skills to undertake their role properly – you may need to arrange for some training and/or recruit additional people with the skills you need.

The more staff and volunteers that are involved, the more productive your fundraising can be, especially given the wide range of skills and expertise they will have.

Staff and volunteers also need to be consulted about future plans and the implications of funding applications, as new funding often means changes to the way a group works.

Your users are the most important people of all. The funder will want to be sure that their money is being spent to benefit your end users and will often ask how they have been involved in designing and managing projects.

Involving users should be an ongoing process, including evaluating your activities and consulting them about what's needed/ future plans. You should also consider how to involve them more in all aspects of running your organisation.

Your supporters and the wider community are often willing not only to help fundraise, but could provide funding themselves. If you are asking them for help and support, it is important that they have every opportunity to have their say too, and to offer their ideas.

Consulting the wider community, including people that don’t currently use your services also helps demonstrate to funders that you understand what the community needs and what their priorities are.

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