Working in partnership

Applying for funding with other groups or setting up joint activities in a formal or informal partnership is becoming more common.

Some key considerations:

In a partnership one group, usually known as the lead organisation, takes responsibility for all of the funding, not just the amount that they spend. With this in mind, make sure that all partners:

  • are clear of their roles and responsibilities
  • have a budget
  • understand what they have agreed to deliver in terms of participants, activities, outcomes and by when
  • sign a contract or partnership agreement
  • use an agreed record keeping system and reporting timetable
  • are monitored on a regular basis for quality and compliance
  • are clear about any audit and monitoring requirements and the need to keep all records for a certain period of time

Right from the start it is also important that all partners know what could happen if they don’t do what they’ve agreed to.

A partnership agreement is an important part of partnership working. It sets out aims and objectives and roles and responsibilities, providing a clear framework for the partnership to succeed.

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