Example partnership agreement

1. Details of who the partnership agreement is between

Write in the names and addresses of partners. The agreement can be between as many partners as you like.

This partnership agreement is between: The Westside Community Centre (WCC) and The Westside Action Group (WAG)

2. The roles of partners

Provide the reason for the partnership and the role for each member.

WCC and WAG will work together to carry out a community audit in the Westside area of Newtown
WAG will provide 10 volunteers to undertake the audit for an average of 10 hours each.
WCC will provide training and support for the volunteers. WCC and WAG will work together to produce the report and run an event in the community to publicise the results of the report.

3. Timetable for delivery

Give a timetable for the delivery of the project, broken down into the various tasks or stages.


Task   By who By when
Recruit volunteers WAG 1 November
Train volunteers WCC 15 November
Undertake audit WAG 31 January
Produce report WAG/WCC 22 February
Event WAG/WCC 30 March

4. Quality issues
Give details of any particular ways in which you want the tasks to be carried out, or any standards that must be met.

The volunteers will be local residents
The audit will cover at least 90% of the target area 
The training given to volunteers will offer units at NVQ Level II.
The report will be aimed at the community and funders
Participants will report a satisfaction rate of at least 80%

5. Payments
Describe how payments will be made and any conditions that must be met.

Payments will be made as follows: 50% at the start of the project 30% at the completion of the audit 20% on receipt of the final report

Payments are made on the condition that they will only cover expenditure that has been agreed by the partners and is listed below:

Salaries, £20,000
Overheads, £2,000
Consumables, £1,500
Printing Costs, £5,000

Volunteer expenses, £1,500

6. Reporting & Accounting
Give details of when and how you want partners to report. Give yourself enough time to incorporate information from partners’ reports into any reports you may have to produce for funders.

WAG must forward a financial report and an activity report to WAG within a month of the end of each phase (undertaking audit and producing report). These reports should be on the form provided by WCC. WAG must keep records to back up all expenditure and activity, including timesheets for all volunteers. These records should be kept for seven years from the end of the project.

7. Copyright
Make sure that any copyright, ownership and other rights are agreed.

WAG and WCC will be joint copyright holders of the report.

8. Dispute resolution
You should have some mechanism or resolving disputes.

Every effort will be made to resolve any conflicts between the partners within this partnership. If this is not possible, the matter will be referred to the Steering Group, whose decision will be final.

9. Termination/Breach provisions
You need to detail how the agreement can be terminated, and what will happen if there is a breach of the conditions.

This partnership can be terminated at any time by either party by giving 2 months notice. Any payments made to the partners may have to be repaid if the tasks outlined above have not been carried out.

Breaches of this agreement may resulting a partner being asked to repay any advance payments already paid to them.

10. Signatures
The agreement must be signed and dated by people with the authority to sign on behalf of their organisations.

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