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Redundancy Advice


Expert advice on how to cope, post-redundancy opportunities and real-life case studies

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Posted 21 Feb 2024

11 ways to increase your chances of keeping your job when all around are losing theirs...

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The seven signs that say you’re about to lose your job

Posted 17 Dec 2013

What are the chances of losing your job in 2024 and becoming one of the 3,000 people currently being made redundant in the UK every day?...

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From redundancy to the driving seat

Posted 15 Nov 2013

The Snap-on franchise has changed my life, says franchisee Nick Allen...

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Road to recovery

Posted 17 Oct 2013

14 ways to deal with losing your job...

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Redundancy help

While losing your job can sometimes be only slightly less traumatic than bereavement or marriage break-up, it can provide a welcome window of opportunity for many people. Redundancy advice in this section ranges from real-life case studies of individuals who have started their own businesses after losing their jobs, to expert advice on how a career change following redundancy could lead to a brighter future.

Coping with redundancy

Dealing with redundancy can be difficult. But according to one employment counsellor, a change of career can act as a wake-up call to people who were unhappy in their jobs, but did not have the time or courage for a major rethink. Surviving redundancy has been achieved by many people, who have gone onto be their own boss. You can read about some of these successful entrepreneurs in this section.

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